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Developer starts thinking beyond brick-and-mortar

2016-09-08 06:23:51

MAG sets up dedicated division to integrate ‘well-being’ as part of the process

Staff Report

Dubai: The developer MAG wants to go beyond just making brick-and-mortar — it wants to create homes that place a more than a passing focus on the living space. To get the point across, MAG has now set up a dedicated division called “MAG of Life”. (That represents a nice take on the “tree of life” concept.) “Many of the homes being delivered here have issues with the air quality, water, air-conditioning, usage of space,” said Michael Reimar Muller, Chief Projects Officer at MAG Property Development. “For instance, if you have tap water coming through at more than 40-degrees during summer, that’s never good. These are the little details that add up and disturb the quality a resident or property owner is entitled to.

“There have been daring designs and projects but no one focuses on the essentials. Functionality and well-being must come before design at MAG”

The developer’s intention is to put together a series of build practices that MAG of Life can then roll out. The first project where these precepts will be applied would be an upscale one, expected to be announced soon. “These steps we will take in the whole process will increase the perception of luxury. We need to fuse well-being with living at a particular property.

“Ultimately, we plan to introduce the MAG of Life solutions to our more affordable ventures.”


( Courtesy of GulfNews )