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Things you need to know before renting a home

2015-07-04 03:52:08

There are always two things to consider when you are searching for your family nest here in Dubai: the location and the size of the property. Removal services and labour come at reasonable prices; thus, moving is very easy as long you find the right place.
If you are thinking about renting a flat or a villa, initially ask how the real estate company’s payment mechanism works. The regular setup is to pay an initial deposit of three months then provide post-dated checks for the outstanding amount.

Visit the property at least twice; take a peek at how it looks in the morning and at night. Is local transport available? Is there free parking for tenants, or is it near parking areas? Is it accessible to groceries, shops, schools and medical centres?

Check which area you want to settle in. There is a good mix of mid-priced villas at Emirates Living (Emirates Hills, The Lakes, The Meadows and The Springs). Arabian Ranches is popular among families. For affordable options, Discovery Gardens and International City top the list. Deira and Bur Dubai are located in the old parts of Dubai. Both are replete with a diverse range of apartments and villas that is affordable and accessible to public transportation links.

Prepare funds for the security deposit, agent’s fee and DEWA installation fee.

Read the fine print carefully, including the clauses regarding security deposit, maintenance and rental increase, before signing the contract. For the latter, landlords are not allowed to make unreasonable increases upon contract renewal. RERA has come up with a rental calculator which the landlord and tenant can refer to from time to time. If the landlord is asking for an increase that is contrary to what is indicated in the calculator, the tenant can file a complaint at the Rental Committee.

Check the state of the property and how the owner commits to regularly maintaining its facilities especially the air-conditioning system. Do not fret about broken taps, lighting or any other issues. Being a tenant, these should all be fixed at no cost.

Overall, go through everything with a fine-toothed comb, doing a full inventory of any irregularities, before moving in. A good landlord is always ready to listen and would like to be aware if something needs fixing. After all, your home is their investment.

Handy Hints
&bull It is helpful if you try to make a lower offer than the rent being asked for
&bull If you have kids, look into the local schools and clinics first before deciding
• Hire a real estate agent with good reputation and dependable track record