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Multi-Million Dollar Fuel Savings & Carbon Foot Print Reduction for Transportation

2015-08-23 13:01:37

NIAMA-REISSER, LLC is putting its proprietary Non-Metal Ringless Ceramic pistons to the test.

Having introduced NR Non-Metal Ringless Ceramic Internal Combustion Engine Pistons for automobiles and small engines last year, NIAMA-REISSER, LLC is putting its proprietary Non-Metal Ringless Ceramic pistons to the test by means of an on-road demonstration over the course of a 1,200 mile round-trip journey to New York City, on the 27th of August, 2015.

The company is inviting reporters, journalists, bloggers, etc. to meet and greet the NIAMA-REISSER, LLC team and witness the fuel savings and performance gains for themselves.

Over the past years, NIAMA-REISSER, LLC has developed pistons for Cummins, CAT, Chevrolet, GMC, Porsche, and Subaru along with a variety of small displacement 2-Stroke applications.

According to the company’s CEO, Heinz-Gustav Reisser: “The biggest impact in terms of fuel savings can be achieved for tractor / trailer semis.”

The company claims that NR Performance Ceramic Pistons, implementing conventional metal piston rings, for CAT and Cummins diesel applications can be easily implemented while these engines are in for service / overhauls.

As an example of the fuel savings, the company laid out the following:

A fleet of 6,500 tractor trailer vehicles, each vehicle covering 100,000 miles annually, can save $ 37,000,000/yr once retrofitted with NR Performance Ceramic Pistons.

Engine overhauls of fleet vehicles usually occur after 400,000 miles, which then is the perfect time to swap the conventional pistons with NR Performance Ceramic Pistons.

During the first 100,000 miles after having installed NR Performance Ceramic Piston, the retrofit costs will be 100% amortized, due to the fuel savings.

By investing in NR Performance Ceramic Pistons, fleet operators not only increase their fuel savings, they also reduce the carbon footprint of their operation.

According to the company, anyone can send an e-mail to media(at)niamareisser(dot)com to coordinate meeting the team and vehicles on the road.