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Turn your UAE property into hottest online listing: 3 key steps

2015-08-23 12:12:29

Real estate brokerage experts advice on what makes property listing attractive.

Has your apartment been listed on online property portals for some months now and you aren’t getting buyers?

Then there is something that you are not paying attention to - content and pictures.

A picture may be worth a thousand square feet, but taking pictures of apartments and/or villas with smartphones may not help your listing stand out among the thousands present online. 

“We can see sellers using very low quality pictures of apartments. They even tend to use the artist impression of the completed tower, rather than having pictures of the house or facilities available in the completed tower,” says a senior official with a top Dubai-based real estate brokerage firm.

“Moreover, these listings lack in accuracy and information. The right use of keywords is also missing,” he says.

Here are some tips to get buyers to scan your listing:

Get a professional

It is better to take help from a professional when selling your property. Real estate agents have the experience and know how to market a property.

Their advice on listings comes in handy as they know what points of your property need to be highlighted and showcased to sell the property quickly.

Quality pictures

Never upload low quality pictures taken with your mobile. The most important part of the listing is pictures. Pictures taken by professionals make a great change.

It is advisable to hire one, but if the cost is more, one can use real estate agencies that offer the service.

Keep in mind that having a picture taken during the day and night is important to give the buyer an understanding of the premise.

Use the right keywords

Use the right keywords in the title of the listing as it increases the chance of a successful online listing. Captivating words in the title and text drives the buyers to read and connect with the seller.

Remember to highlight amenities, proximity to schools, hospitals, shopping centres and public transport options.