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Emirati doctor re-elected as head of international anti-smoking group

2015-08-10 08:24:42

An Emirati doctor has been re-elected as chairman of the Anti-Smoking International Alliance (Asia).

Board members voted in London this week for Dr Abdul Salam Al Madani to serve a second term.

Dr Al Madani has helped to restructure Asia, based in London, and plan its global anti-smoking strategy.

“I am very proud of this achievement. However, this means that we need to work even more to spread awareness about this bad habit, especially in the Arab and Asian world,” said Dr Al Madani, at Asia’s annual meeting.

“According to official research, a lot of young people die because of smoking every day, in addition to the billions of dollars spent not only on cigarettes but on the expenses incurred by individuals and by the health sector on treatment and medicines.

“Imposing strict laws and regulations to eliminate this very serious habit is not the only solution. We need to extend our efforts on spreading awareness among families, at schools and universities.

“We have to endorse the danger of smoking and its outcomes in the school curriculums in order to have a well-educated generation that fully understands the ill effects of this habit.”

Board members have selected Dubai as the hub of their anti-smoking awareness campaigns. Dr Al Madani believes Dubai is an ideal place to implement a ban on smoking in all public closed areas such as shopping malls and restaurants.

Last year, Asia concentrated on staff working in the health sector. This year, the organisation is focusing on raising awareness in schools.

It has plans to host its next board meeting in Dubai and to hold workshops during the International Family Medicine Conference and Exhibition in Dubai.