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Respect Nature, practise universal love

2015-08-09 13:56:36

We have to change our attitude towards our oceans or our posterity will be permanently affected by our carelessness.

As human beings, we not only disturb the habitat of fish and other creatures in the ocean, but also catch them using callous methods that have resulted in a depletion of their populations. As an avid swimmer, I vividly remember my experiences when swimming in the ocean as a child. At the time, I was agile and passionate and enjoyed diving, underwater swimming or even just floating on top of the water.

During my childhood, I used to see a lot of fish, from the moment I began my first stroke in the ocean. It was impossible for me to proceed further without greeting fish in the shallow, coastal part of the ocean. For most of my life, I have been a fast swimmer in the Arabian Sea and have encountered crabs, ray fish, barracudas, turtles, jelly fish, dolphins, anchovies, snakes, pearl spots, sea breams and a host of other common fish, including sharks. As a long distance swimmer for more than 45 years, I have never been harmed by these beautiful creatures and do not know of any swimming enthusiasts who have been harmed either.

My father is a Scot from Perth, Australia, and he was my swimming guru and inspired me to love the blue ocean and enjoy the aroma of the sea. I am grateful to him for teaching me an important lesson in life: to respect Nature. For me, the great ocean symbolises universal love, which evokes all the emotions of a human being. My father was a long distance swimmer in his region and he would regularly swim up to the buoys anchored in order to guide ships at sea. To everyone’s surprise, he was never confronted or attacked by a shark, even though there were a number of sharks in the area.

Unfortunately, the sea has become man’s dumping ground for all types of waste. Man has destroyed the habitat of thousands of living organisms and the acidification of oceans has resulted in massive environmental degradation. Fish, like sharks, are being hunted indiscriminately and separated from their schools, which could affect their ability to adapt to the changing aquatic ecosystem.

Unless bold measures are taken to save the ocean from further environmental degradation, our posterity will blame us for inflicting environmental damage on them and an age of untold miseries.