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Why you need to re-register your SIM card

2015-07-30 07:37:45

Details must be updated when documents used to register are renewed.

Residents who do not update their SIM card registration details with telecom companies could face disconnection in phone services.

Registering one’s SIM card with telecom providers etisalat and du is in line with the ‘My Number, My Identity’ programme launched by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (RTA) in 2012.

The programme requires all subscribers to register their SIM cards using a valid Emirates ID and visa for each connection. This is done to protect their rights and confidentiality and to avoid fraud cases.

But since documents used to register the SIM cards in the last two years would have expired by now or are about to expire, the TRA has required residents to re-register their SIM cards by updating their information using the renewed documents.

“The validity of the SIM card is dependent on the validity of the particular document that the SIM card was registered with. This includes a passport, visa or Emirates ID,” a spokesperson from du said.

Etisalat said in a statement that keeping updated registration records for all its mobile customers is part of the UAE’s regulatory framework.

“In light of that, in case a customer’s registration documents or details, such as ID or passport, that he has used in purchasing a mobile telecom service becomes expired while he is consuming the mobile telecom service, these expired documents or details needs to be updated,” etisalat added.

“As such, etisalat sends SMSs to remind customers who have their registration documents approaching expiry or expired to share their updated new documents or details with Etisalat to continue enjoying their mobile service,” etisalat added.

In the case of du customers, they will be notified of the expiry on three separate occasions via a text message to ensure convenience. The first SMS is sent out 30 days prior to the expiry of the document, second SMS is sent on the date that the document expires, and the third SMS is sent to the customer 15 days before their du account is suspended.

Mobile phone users can visit any etisalat or du service centre and bring their customers should bring their original Emirates ID and passport with a valid visa to update their information.