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Dubai Police want to be greenest force

2015-07-29 09:08:33

First energy management course held for cops.

Dubai Police want to be the greenest police force in the world. To achieve this 'zero carbon police force' goal, they're pushing officers to be more conscious of the environment. Cops are being taught, for example, to switch from incandescent to LED light bulbs, in police stations as well as in the 23 offices of police departments.

On Tuesday, 23 senior cops from the 32 police departments completed a three-day training and awareness programme in Dubai. The topic: Managing energy efficiently. The programme was conducted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), and was held at the Dubai Water and Electricity Agency (Dewa) green building in Al Quoz.

Lt.-Col Dr Tamim Alhaj at the Dewa Green Building in Al Quoz, Dubai.

Ivano Iannelli at the Dewa Green Building in Al Quoz, Dubai. 

Dubai Carbon was a partner in this exercise. As Waleed Salman, Chairman, Dubai Carbon said, there was an MoU signed between Dubai Carbon and Dubai Police "to jointly pilot replicable and scalable initiatives for energy efficiency, fuel saving and carbon offsetting."

Khaleej Times spoke to Ivano Ianelli, CEO Dubai Carbon, about what steps could be taken to offset the carbon footprint of the police. He said: "Achieving a zero carbon goal means reducing the carbon footprint to the maximum possible, to a viable extent. So if a million cars are causing a certain amount of CO2, there should be a million or equivalent trees planted to offset the CO2."

But did he think the police force could really be the greenest in the world with a zero footprint? "Oh, absolutely. I'm really impressed by Dubai Police. They don't just want to be number one, they want to remain number one."

Ianelli added: "Besides ensuring a crime-free city, they're looking at accounting fuel consumption, management of waste and management of buildings, and pursuing leadership through meters, reports and benchmarks, all for a better society."

In which areas have Dubai Police wasted maximum energy? According to Lt. Col Dr Tamim Alhaj, Director Dubai Police Force, who attended the 3-day training, "in electricity, water and fuel consumption".

The officers who attended the training are to go back to their departments the next day and share what they learnt with the rest of the team.

Alhaj said, till a few years ago there was a lot of waste. But now "people's behaviour towards electricity" is changing. "Before 2009", he says, "they never switched off lights." And people were resistant to change habits. "But thanks to awareness campaigns, we've been saving almost six per cent annually from utilities bill - just by improving staff knowledge." How much is six per cent though? Alhaj says, "We're talking millions of Dirhams."