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Three parks in Abu Dhabi receive internationally recognised Green Flags

2015-07-23 03:00:01

Khalifa Park, Dalma Park, and Al Rahba Park awarded.

Three parks in Abu Dhabi have received the internationally recognised Green Flag award, which is given to parks for achieving the benchmark standards for best green places.

The three parks that received the award were Khalifa Park, Dalma Park, and Al Rahba Park. The Green Flag has been hoisted in each of the three parks by the Abu Dhabi Municipality.

The parks are judged on eight categories that must be met. These categories include cleanliness and maintenance, sustainability, heritage and environmental conservation, community engagement, and safety.

Each of the three parks were tested and examined to see if they fit the benchmarks, with the municipality putting in a framework plan in order to successfully meet each benchmark for the award.

The municipality is also planning on using the flag status as a benchmark for other parks in Abu Dhabi.