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Health care authorities grant licenses

2015-07-21 14:59:18

The Dubai Health Authority licensed 171 health facilities and 6,139 health-care professionals in the first half of this year according to Dr Layla Al Marzouqi, Director of DHA’s Health Regulatory Department.

She added: “The health-care facilities that were licensed include three hospitals, four day surgery centres, 87 polyclinics, 62 pharmacies, four diagnostic facilities and 11 other health-care facilities. The 6,130 health-care professionals who were licensed include 1,044 physicians, 2,791 male and female nurses, 1,868 allied health-care professionals, 419 dentists and 17 alternative medicine specialists.”

Dr Layla reviewed the variant roles and tasks carried out by her department to regulate the health sector in Dubai, and the mechanism of licensing individuals as well as health facilities. This is in addition to the role of the regulatory department in supervising and monitoring health facilities to insure compliance with the applicable international standards of services rendered to customers.

Dr Layla explained the procedures and facilities provided by the health regulation department for investors and customers and the persistent requests to obtain professional licences via ‘SHERIAN’ system for licensing health facilities and medical professionals in Dubai.

“The procedures for obtaining profession practice licence shall be through online application to the Health Regulation Department, which coordinates with concerned authorities to evaluate and verify the certifications, and hold online examinations for applicants who desire to obtain profession practice licensing,” Dr Layla said.

Dr Layla made special mention of the support and facilitation rendered by Dubai government to the private sector in guiding the latter to invest in the medical sector and applauded the silent role played by the private sector, as strategic partner, in providing health-care services in UAE.