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New design could be key to saving water in mosques

2015-07-16 09:08:59

A new device designed to aid in the conservation of water in mosques has been developed by a student and professor at the Masdar Institute.

Dr Ahmed Al Jaberi, assistant professor of mechanical and materials engineering, and Mohammed Al Musharrekh said their device could help save up to 95 per cent of water during the pre-prayer ablution process, known as wudu.

“With Ramadan greatly increasing attendance in mosques, the time is ripe for an affordable and easy-to-use device that can help in saving water during wudu,” Dr Al Jaberi said.

They are in the final stages of getting their device installed at a number of mosques in the capital to test.

The device can inform people how much water they use while performing their wudu and can easily be attached to taps.

“These efforts reflect the UAE’s commitment to sustainability, while supporting the message of the Prophet Mohammed, who said ‘do not waste water, even if you perform your wudu on the banks of an abundantly-flowing river’,” said Mr Al Musharrekh.